Sanjeevani Multi – Speciality Medical Camp

Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission is conducting multi-specialty medical camps for the tribal population under the name Sanjeevani. These camps are held at 6 selected centres around Attappady. The centres have been selected in such a way that a large cluster of tribal villages can benefit from each medical camp. The centres are Chindakki, Paloor, Pudur, Sholayur, Agali and Chittoor. Specialist doctors in General Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology, Paediatrics and other disciplines like dermatology etc examine patients at the medical camp. Medicines are provided free of cost to all patients. Patients needing any follow up treatment are counselled and guided to appropriate centres as needed.

Patients are mobilised for the camp with help of Village Health Workers and other local community leaders. The cooperation of department of Health of State government is always requested and ensured. Local transport facility is arranged for the tribal patients whenever it is needed. Services at all these camps have been utilised by hundreds of patients at every centre. Specialist doctors from esteemed institutions such as Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research etc have participated in Sanjeevani medical camps.

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